Shift Calendar

Every week workers everywhere are reporting to work. Workers have shift assigned to them, they know what time they will start their shifts and probably what time they will finish.

On the other hand, operations managers keep tubs on who is working, where they are supposed to work or when they are supposed to report on duty. Everyone is playing their part, a division of labour in play to enable a business to run efficiently and reduce operations cost.

Workers do take holidays, day off, time off or sick leave. Taking time off from work for a whatever reason is a common occurrence at work places. These actions affect shift operations and operation managers have to figure out how to manage such situations.

A roster calendar helps the operations manager to be in the know of his or her workforce status. There are various ways one can create a roster calendar such as using spreadsheet application or a specialised software application like Rotasmyth.

Having a snap shot of your workforce any time of the week is important. Operations manager can get a precise picture of how many workers have been placed in the roster and if there is any adjustment that is needed to done.

Making decisions when to authorise a day off request can be tasking if you do not have an overview of your workforce. Rotasmyth enables you to view week by week projections of your roster and also make adjustments where necessary.