Roster Calendar

You have a business or have shifts to do, we have a roster calendar for you and it is free.

When you are assigned shifts you probably mark it on your diary, phone calendar or maybe you use a spreadsheet app like excel. That is totally fine and it is good practice to keep a record of when and where you have shifts. You never know when you might need to cross check your shift hours to make sure they are accurate.

Search time sheets

Querying our roster is something a lot of us do now and then. So how can one do it quickly without scrolling through pages of a diary, phone calendar or worrying whether your excel spreadsheet data is accurate? If you visit an app market place or google for a roster calendar you will find many solutions out there. That is well and good, but you need a solution that is quick and simple to use.

If you do more than one job, Rotasmyth will take care of your shift roster, by ensuring your shifts never clash, and you can view your shift easily. You will be able to search and view how many hours you have accrued over any period of time.

Any Device Any time

Rotasmyth enables you to view your shifts from any device that supports a modern browser. You can install it as an app straight from the browser or just use the browser to access your shifts.

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